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22301 Hamburg, Deutschland
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Beispielbild für eine Ackerfläche als Kapitalanlage Beispielbild für einen Wald als Geldanlage Beispielbild für Ackerland als Geldanlage
Property Data
Buy Price 100.000,00 €
Buy Price per hectare 10.000,00 €/ha
Size of the Land in hectare 10 ha
Type of Agricultural Land Agricultural Land
Additional Expenses
Amount of Commission 0 %
Transfer Tax 4.500,00 €
Notarial Charges 2.000,00 €
Investment Information
Risk Disclaimer for Real Estate Properties
The stated return is not guaranteed and can be lower.
Investment Infos are is estimated
Net Return per Year 2,4 %
Gross Return 2,9 %
monthly profit before taxes (cashflow) 210,00 €
Rented out
Net Rent 240,00 € per Month
Net Rent per ha 24,00 €/ha
Non-transferable Expenses 30,00 € per Month
Non-transferable Expenses per ha 3,00 €/ha
: existing, : not existing
Property Details
Private offerors and realtors may offer their agricultural land for sale at Investby.Immo. The visitors of Investby.Immo are mainly real estate investors or investors, who plan to invest in the property sector. Agricultural land can be an interesting addition to a portfolio, since it is able to earn a return on investment, e.g. via rent. By comparing classic property investments, parking areas, agricultural land and modern crowd investments, investors come into contact with these investment types. Investby.Immo offers a search form that utilizes the return on investment as search parameter, enabling an efficient preselection and therefore a more relaxing search experience for investors.
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