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Investby.Immo Logo
Investby.Immo Logo

Most important information about Investby.Immo


Investby.Immo offers tools for real estate investors. You'll find here an optimized comparison of different investment forms in real estate, which yield a return on investment. Here you can compare buy properties against crowdinvestments, agricultural land as well as parking areas by their return on investment and by their monthly cashflow before taxes.

Additionally we are currently working on our new Investmentanalyzer. With this tool you can analyze real estate investments efficiently.

Investby.Immo is a website created and run by the IT company sdda4c7dffbe603833808259b5599ed5ecec14a8faf8d87b2c367ec24e22fed5a1i62f4866ed450833f06cace65686e5084n9d896fe06e10e20b0464d16ec08577f1odda4c7dffbe603833808259b5599ed5el695f3b1f63fa91bf97e372a877083087bdda4c7dffbe603833808259b5599ed5ea695f3b1f63fa91bf97e372a877083087Nec14a8faf8d87b2c367ec24e22fed5a1 UG (haftungsbeschränkt) located in Hamburg.


  • Investmentanalyzer for landlords/landladies
  • Compare the return rate of the investment forms buy properties, crowdinvestments, agricultural land and parking areas
  • Search directly for your desired monthly income before taxes (cashflow)
  • The property and crowdinvesting ads are without third party ads1
  • Targeted Search for your desired return rate
  • Easy to use
  • Free online calculators for return and credits
  • Fresh articles on the topic real estate as investment
  • Easy to offer your properties or crowdinvestments with a simple price structure
  • Subscriptions for offering can be easily terminated monthly per click
  • Investment objects can be exchanged completely and as often as you like after you have bought an ad
  • Register and try for free
  • Lifetime affiliate programme
1 Third Party Ads: The real estate property and crowd investment advertisements, that paying customers provide on our website, are free from third party ads (e.g. no annoying banner ads). It is however possible that Google may show some ads in the Google Maps window that we have embedded to show you the address on a map. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this. However, we will replace Google Maps, in case it gets too distracting.

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