FAQ: General

You as a professional realtor or private offeror market your properties (estates, agricultural land and parking areas) on our website. The properties can be used either as capital investment with return or for owner occupation. Additionally, crowdinvestment platforms offer their crowdinvestments.

Oh yes! You'll find for example a very simple price structure. Even the monthly possible termination of your subscriptions can be done by you with just two clicks. That way, you can adjust the number of ads you need easily.

No worries, we've got you covered. We'll calculate the return automatically for you. The input fields have practical help messages so that you know where to find which values.

You can find here free as well as rented properties. In case of a free property, the return is usually estimated by the offeror using the rent index.

You as investor or owner-occupant will find properties with the proper key financials suitable for you.
Investors compare at our website the different real estate investment types, that yield a return on investment. Owner-occupants gain a better financial control over their property and a possible selling or tenancy at a later time.

Direct comparison of real estate properties, crowdinvestments, agricultural land and parking areas using the return on investment. Transparency due to providing the investment data in a structured way. We offer a refreshing simple price structure, termination of subscriptions on a monthly basis done online and property ads without third party advertisements.

Investby is pronounced like Gatsby.