Lifetime Affiliate Partner Program

finance blogger or vlogger and realtors can participate for free in our lifetime affiliate program. Once you are approved and bring in new customers, you will receive real passive income.
Lifetime Affiliate
  • Free
  • 10% lifetime commission
  • Simple and fast registration
  • Monthly payout via bank transfer
  • Invoice for commissions as pdf

Lifetime Affiliate FAQs

Share your passion for real estate investments and earn a commission with it. How easy this is? Please read on.

1. How to become a lifetime affiliate with us?

First, you need a free, commercial user account with us. We have our own affiliate program, so you only need to register with us and not with a third party. Please register for free here. Why do you need a commercial account with us? Because in Germany you are only allowed to place money-earning links on your website/blog, if you own a trade concession.

2. Will there be any costs for you as affiliate?

No, participation in our lifetime affiliate program is free of charge.

3. Which data do you have to provide?

In order to pay out your commission and create a self-billed invoice as pdf (which you will receive as a record) we need your bank account information as well as your billing address including your website/blog address. If you are a german small business (Kleinunternehmer), you will have to provide this information using a checkbox. If not, then we will need your vat id as well to provide a correct self-billing invoice. You may provide your data savely after login in the user area using the two big green buttons on the page User Account Lifetime Affiliate.

4. How can you show us multiple websites?

If you have several websites on which you would like to market our products, or have social media accounts as well, you may provide these urls comma separated in the field labeled website.

5. What is our procedure for enabling an affiliate?

In the previous step you provided your website address along with your physical billing address. Now we are going to check out your websites and inform you as fast as possible about the result of our evaluation. Why so complicated? Because in Germany there is the possibility that the company is taken responsible, if the affiliate performs marketing strategies, that violate the competition law. In your affiliate dashboard under User Account Lifetime Affiliate you can find our email address that we provide to our affiliates only. If you are unsure of marketing strategies, that you would like to perform for us, you are invited to ask us first and we will try to help you. Please be aware, that we cannot provide any binding legal advice. If we find out that you violate current law with your marketing strategies, understandably we have to exclude you from our affiliate program. You can view your status as an affiliate in your affiliate dashboard User Account Lifetime Affiliate.

6. What happens after you have been accepted as an affiliate?

After a successful manual check, we will inform you about the result via email. In your affiliate dashboard User Account Lifetime Affiliate you then find a link, which you may share on your website, your blog, your vlog, your social media accounts or via email. Please consider the competition law before performing any marketing strategies. Naturally, we will check your web presence on a regular basis to verify compliance.

7. How do you earn a commission?

Our cookie lifetime amounts to 30 days. Therefore, a new customer who has clicked on your affiliate link, has to make a purchase within the next 30 days. When this happens, you as the affiliate will be linked permanently to this customer, such that you earn a lifetime commission every time this new customer makes a purchase.

8. How do you get your money?

We will transfer your commission to your provided bank account. To avoid fraud, we will payout your money earliest 8 weeks after the creation of the commission at the begin of the following month after the 8 weeks are over. For example: if the 8 weeks are over at the 17th of April, then your commission will be paid out on the first of May.

9. How much money can you earn?

This depends on how many new paying customers you will bring in. With every purchase of your new customers, you will earn 10% commission of the net amount (this is without vat) of each purchase. Often, in other affiliate programs you will only earn a commission off the first purchase, however with our lifetime affiliate program you can build real passive income, since you will earn as long as the new customer stays with us! We are looking forward to build a lasting cooperation with you. :-)

10. What kind of products does Investby.Immo offer?

Right now we offer attractive real estate ads packages for private and commercial customers, that cost at least 99 Euro. We are already planning more products such as investor tools.
Last modifed: Dec 27, 2020


  1. Get a free account and provide your bank account info as well as your billing address including your website/blog address, which you want to use to advertise for us. After we have manually checked your website and activated your affiliate account, you can start to earn money. There are no costs involved for lifetime affiliates.
  2. You will get a link from us, which you can share for example via email, on your blog or other social media (facebook, twitter, etc) with your friends while respecting all existing regulations of law, especially the unfair competition law.
  3. A new customer coming from your affiliate link buys a product from us within the next 30 days.
  4. You'll get the current percentage valid at the time of your registration (10 %) of all purchases the new customer makes from now on. No upper limit and no time limitation. We calculate your commission from the net price (without VAT) of the new customer's purchases. The payout occurs via bank transfer at the beginning of each month for all provisions, that are older than 8 to prevent fraud. Additionally you will receive a payout invoice as pdf via email.