Investment Analyzer for Landlords

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Advantages for Property Investors

Automated calculation of key figures
Easily understandable presentation
Watch how your investment evolves over time
Simulation of repair costs and loss of rent
Faster decision making due to a professional overview
Well structured documents for your bank in case of financing
High data security: German data centers, encrypted containers etc.
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For prospective, freshly baked and more experienced Real Estate Investors

You are already a property investor and landlord? Then our investment analyzer might be a perfect fit for you. Keep track at all times of your cashflow and other important investment key data. Simply create a new investment project from our investment tool dashboard.

  • price,
  • equity capital,
  • basic rent including step rent,
  • non-transferable expenses,
  • maintenance fee.

You don't own a property yet, but are considering to buy one? Then our Investment Analyzer might be the proper solution for you. Ask your property seller for the important input data if available:

  • price
  • basic rent including step rent
  • non-transferable expenses
  • maintenance fee

Then, simply register with us, create a new analyzer project from our investor tool dashboard and pop in your data. Get the important key data with just one click and see how the property investment evolves over time. In addition, simulate and estimate the effects of repair and modernization costs as well as possible loss of rent.

If you consider to finance your property, our investment analyzer handles this as well. Play with different financing scenarios and how they effect the progression of your property investment.

All of the important calculated data can be exported to PDF as well as to CSV. You may use these documents for your financing request at your bank, or simply for your personal documents.

The investment tool comes with an easily understandable documentation of all key data and in addition there will be frequently new articles on our web site. Our goal is to support you with helpful tools and information on your journey to financial independence.

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