FAQ: Investment

You have several possibilities to invest your money in a profitable way. Along with bonds, saving accounts, and stocks the real estate market becomes more and more popular.
Real Estate Investments are generally known to be comparatively secure and stable in value. Many investors feel comfortable knowing that they provide a home for a family or a commercial space for a company.

As a real estate owner you will also get tax advantages when letting your property to tenants. Those advantages depend on your individual situation and of course on the country. Please consult your tax counselor for more details.

Another advantage of investment properties is the passive income you receive. The time you have to spend for your real estate investment is comparatively small to other income sources. The rental income can help you with your Asset Accumulation and is also a welcomed improvement of your pension or just a nice additional income.

If you decide buying your property using Financing you may profit from historically low market interest rates. This means you can get a low priced credit, which you may pay off very fast.

To enjoy all those advantages at best carefree, please make sure to be well informed about property investments before buying and select your real estate investment carefully. To help you with this task, you will find interesting articles on our website about investment properties. Please feel free to use our Real Estate Calculators to calculate different versions of your credit or to investigate the different types of return.

We wish you all the best and good luck.

Yes, there are tax advantages for investment properties. In Germany, you can use repair costs, interest paid for the credit, depreciations, and some of the non-transferable operating costs for tax advantages. The particular advantage depends on your individual situation. It is advisable to consult a tax consultant to explore details.

The return is a characteristic number in the world of finance, which reveals the profitability of your investment. The return or yield stands for the percentage of the profit on the invested capital. There are different types of returns, which allow a detailed analysis of the investment from different points of view. You may find our free online calculators of interest:

Here you may also find the explicit formulas used for the calculations of the return on investment (ROI).