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Undervalued stocks and dividend yield pitfalls

Jul 9, 2021
11 min read
Finding undervalued dividend stocks with a high dividend yield is the ultimate dream of every value investor since the existence of the stock market. However like usually in life a too narrow way of looking at balance sheet numbers and key figures leads the investor on sparkly, but pretty thin ice. You also wouldn‘t buy a car just because of the awesome acceleration and the fine fragrant of the Recaro leather seats, wouldn‘t you? And so it may happen, that a dividend yield in dizzy heights may lead to bubbling feel-good hormones for some, resulting in an instant market order. Of course, feel-good hormones are awesome and to keep them as long as we can, we should take a closer look with a fine tuned technical intellect under the hood of dividend stocks.
Investby.Immo Money Mindset

Money Mindset to create Wealth

Jun 24, 2021
17 min read
1 Comment
A gentle Introduction to optimize your mindset when building wealth. We will provide some inspiration for you on your journey to financial freedom. You will start at the first steps where we encourage a breakdown of your personal financial state. Then we will motivate a suitable plan which you will execute with ease simply by implementing new constructive habits in your lifestyle. Iteration and adjustment will bring you forward efficiently, sustainably and relapse-safe. Your financial goals will become more clear and easer to reach when optimizing your current financials.
Investby.Immo smart contracts comic

Smart Contracts and the Oracle Problem – explained by means of Real Estate Deals

Jul 17, 2021
11 min read
Smart contracts were created out of the desire to solve the trust issues that come along with contracts and to fully automate their execution. Our article focuses on the oracle problem by comparing technical terms with the real life contract workflow in real estate deals. As a potential crypto investor you have to understand the oracle problem to be able to make informed decisions on your investment.
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