About us

We are a team of private investors, who invest amongst others in the real estate sector. When we are looking for real estate investments, we like to calculate a few key parameters, such as the net return or the monthly cashflow before taxes. Up until now, we had to use our manual calculators or our own excel sheets, which is quite time consuming. On top of that, we like to compare different forms of capital investments to decide which investments are suited best for our personal portfolio. The search and analysis for investment objects requires concentration and was until now quite time consuming. The flashing third party ads in real estate advertisments do not make this task any easier. We have the impression, that others are confronted with the same problems and therefore we aim to provide a more comfortable search experience with Investby.Immo:

  • The monthly cashflow before taxes as a search parameter, as well as
  • the net return in percent as a direct search parameter.
  • Real estate ads without distracting third party advertising1 to study the offerings in peace and quiet.
  • Well researched articles about real estate investing, as well as
  • Online Calculators to help you with your calculations.
  • Different modern investment forms for direct comparison.

You as an offeror pay for real estate ads. So we think, the ad should showcase your content only and therefore you'll get real estate ads without third party advertising1. We couldn't help noticing during our search for investment objects, that some agents and real estate vendors give detailed information about the return and connected investment information in the descriptions. If you offer investment property you'll now get the opportunity with Investby.Immo to provide this vital information in a standardised and clearly represented way to our visitors - who are mainly real estate investors. Therefore, you are now able to offer your investment objects to your desired target group.

We are working on Investby.Immo enthusiastically and hope to help both real estate vendors and real estate investors with their task of marketing and searching for investment objects.

All the best,
your Investby.Immo team

1 Third Party Ads: The real estate property and crowd investment advertisements, that paying customers provide on our website, are free from third party ads (e.g. no annoying banner ads). It is however possible that Google may show some ads in the Google Maps window that we have embedded to show you the address on a map. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this. However, we will replace Google Maps, in case it gets too distracting.