Investment Calculators

You would like to calculate the different types of return? Or do you want to create an individual amortisation schedule for your annuity or amortisable loan? You can also calculate the transfer tax or estimate the amount of maintenance reserve using Peters' formula.

For all these purposes, you can use our online calculators for free!

Calculate the Cashflow for Real Estate Investments

Here you can explore why and when it is interesting to look more closely at the cashflow of your real estate investment. Feel free to use our calculator to check the cashflow of your investment.

Calculate Return on Equity (ROE)

Being a property investor it is always important to know how efficient your own invested capital is employed. This capital can be referred to as owner's equity in contrast to borrowed capital, which usually are loans from a capital lender, for instance your financing bank. The net rent minus all expenses, your profit, divided by the owner's equity is the return on (owner's) equity, usually in percent.

Calculate Net Return (Germany)

Learn how to calculate the net return, what it is all about and what it is for. Use our free online calculator to determine the net return for your real estate investment.

Calculate Gross Return

The gross return is used as a first rough indicator, if a property investment might be a suitable one. Die Bruttomietrendite wird als erste sehr grobe Einschätzung verwendet, um Renditeimmobilien vorzusortieren.

Calculate Transfer Tax for Germany

The transfer tax in Germany differs from state to state. Use our free online calculator to calculate the transfer tax in Germany efficiently.

Calculate Maintenance Reserve

The maintenance fee can be estimated using Peters' formula. Use our free online calculator to estimate the maintenance fee for the total area as well as for the private area.

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