Fast Search for Investment Properties
Risk Disclaimer for Crowdinvestments
This investment involves considerable risk and may result in partial or total loss.
Risk Disclaimer for Real Estate Properties
The stated return is not guaranteed and can be lower.

Do you want to find real estate investment properties by the monthly cashflow?

Use our search parameters that are optimized for real estate investors to make your search for a fitting investment extra comfortable. Welcome to Investby.Immo, your portal for real estate investments.
Your Goals
  • Invest in the Real Estate sector
  • Find investment objects, that fit your risk profile
  • Build passive income
  • or market your property to the fitting target customer
Our Solution
  • Use your desired monthly cashflow (profit) as search filter for investment objects
  • Compare return rates of buy properties, crowdinvestments, agricultural land and parking areas

Your Advantages as Real Estate Vendor

You specifically target investors.
Important key data like the rental yield will be calculated automatically for you.
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1 Third Party Ads: The real estate property and crowd investment advertisements, that paying customers provide on our website, are free from third party ads (e.g. no annoying banner ads). It is however possible that Google may show some ads in the Google Maps window that we have embedded to show you the address on a map. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent this. However, we will replace Google Maps, in case it gets too distracting.